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Neighborhood Beautification, Stability, Sustainability!

Who Are We

Colossal Funding Group, LLC offers private individuals the opportunity to invest in single-family residential real estate. We put together lucrative real estate deals so that our private money partners receive consistent, predictable, fixed returns on their investment.

What We Do

Colossal Funding Group, LLC buys single family homes at a deep discount, renovate the property and resale for a profit. The profits we create allow us to provide our private money partners with handsome returns on their investment.
In addition, we also invest in non-performing or sub-performing residential mortgage loans.
Colossal Funding Group has extensive experience in distressed residential asset markets and actively acquires assets to reposition and resale. We have significant capital pledged to our business that enables us to provide liquidity and certainty of execution to our clients and investors.

Who We Work With

We work with accredited investors who are looking for an alternative to traditional investments and are seeking a more consistent and predictable return. To discover more about our funds, please sign up using the form to your right or by calling (225) 442-0610.

At the core of the Colossal Funding Group investment opportunity lays the actual real estate. Recognizing that a large key to the overall success and financial return of our private money partner investment is determined by the actual asset, Colossal Funding Group takes a very serious approach to only acquiring what they consider “well located, investment grade” real estate. Colossal Funding Group offers its partners an array of single-family properties to invest in. The properties are rated using several key factors.

Ninety percent of the properties acquired by Colossal Funding Group are single-family homes. Colossal Funding Group concentrates on offering homes that they feel will appeal to the masses therefore making our eventual liquidation much easier. As a result, this allows our partners to get a great return and turn their capital over on new properties that we acquire for continued growth of their investment dollars.