Our Market

The Baton Rouge area is not dependent on one industry for its success or failure. The economy has successfully diversified from the traditional chemical and gas industry core. The area’s 20,000+ businesses make it a center for finance, healthcare, education, manufacturing, research and development, renewable energy sources, transportation, construction, and distribution.

The region’s annual total nonfarm employment for 2012 was 375,200.

The rapidly-growing Baton Rouge area is Louisiana’s new economic engine — turbo-charged with unprecedented incentives. BRAC is dedicated to fostering a strong, growing economy throughout the nine-parish Baton Rouge area by serving as the primary advocate and change agent for the region’s business community.

The 9-parish Baton Rouge MSA is heading into an industrial expansion like none other in its history. The Greater Baton Rouge Industrial Manager’s Alliance(GBRIMA) has tabulated a remarkable $23.7 billion in industrial projects that are either announced or underway. GBRIMA projects the demand for construction workers in the region will jump from 17,500 to 31,000 in the next year. IBM is bringing a new 800-person technology center to Baton Rouge, and another tech company—Ameritas—will be at 300 employees by forecast end.

We are projecting 21,700 new jobs (+5.6%) for this MSA over the next two years, making it the second fastest growing MSA in the state.